Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Super Sleepy

Superrrr sleepy

Someone is getting into the holiday spirit!!! After a long walk and a long warm bath she took my spot on the couch and decided to snuggle on my favorite xmas blanket! She's really feeling the change in weather.
♥ Yuyu & mommy

Friday, November 16, 2012

Curious Yuyu

She started to beg for human food not too long ago that bad thing is that one of my relatives gave in so now she definitely does it again and again. Her fur is getting longer its been almost three weeks since the last time I took her in for grooming. :) I wanted to let it grow so that they could put one big bow in the middle but we will see how long that'll take. Maintaining her coat is pretty tricky but we will manage!

Doggie Shelters!!!

Denver area doggie shelter links!!!!! 

"Adopting a dog is the closest you'll get to choosing a relative"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Needed somewhere to put it all!

So it is bad enough that I blow up my facebook page with dozens of pictures of my little yuyu I've decided to cool it down and instead put it all on here (silent thank god from my facebook friends). Yes I've become a crazy doggie fanatic! Not too long ago the place where I got my little one got broken into and three pups were stolen :( sad news! Just about two weeks ago I got Yuyu fixed :O scary but she recovered pretty fast. Unusually after the first day she was up and about jumping up barking. The only thing that was pretty unusual was how much she drooled but other than that the experience was not as bad or costly!

YuYu's wardrobe!!

This little munchkin loves her clothes!! I thought before that putting clothes on them would be torture came to realize this little girl loves it!!!!!! Now that the season is changing and it is getting colder I keep her little pink sweater on and she seems to love it because when I try to take it off she gets pretty upset. She's such a girlie girl!